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In summary the main objectives and outputs of the CLIMB programme can be listed as follows:


  • ¬†Increase the likelihood of business success during the early years.
  • Enable business owners to focus their energies on product development and provide assistance with operational matters.
  • Promote and teach best practice methods in business management.


  • Strengthening through appropriate business management training, technological upgrading and technical support.
  • Strengthening of business enterprises in the rural communities.
  • Increased membership in local Business associations.
  • Enhanced profitability and performance of SMEs.
  • Greater degree of networking and collaboration among SMEs.
  • Incorporation / formalization of the operation of a large number of SMEs.
  • Increased viability of a large number of SMEs in Saint Lucia.
  • Possibly the creation of an SME Equity Financing Scheme.
  • It is hoped that with support, these incubated businesses will be able to create jobs as they grow and become profitable.